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Kabbalah Wisdom – Tree of Life Course

This 7-week spiritual training course will help you acquire new grounding, growth and elevation tools.

About the course


This course creates a safe container for transmitting the spiritual Kabbalah wisdom coded in the Tree of Life.

The host brings symbols, text, and stories in the container. The material is the transmission vessel; the course is there to learn how to receive the teachings.

The transmission is oral and best received with an open mind and heart.


What will such a course bring you?


You will gain access to some of the spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah, learn tools to decode it and use it in your daily life.

Adding such teachings to our lives fulfills the truth seekers, and the curious minds who sense that there is more to life than what they currently experience. 

Each week, we will gather online for a 2 hour call via Zoom for presentation, discussion, and guided meditation.

The calls will be recorded and accessible for the participants to watch at their own pace if desired or to watch them again.

Additional material will be shared for self-paced learning and training.


Weekly modules

A concept is fully understood when embodied in multiple layers of the self, such as intellectual, psychological, emotional, habitual, etc.


Therefore, we will have for each week the following:

  1. Presentations with visuals and texts,

  2. Discussions,

  3. Guided meditation,

  4. Mantra meditation,

  5. Exercises.


1. Presentations with visuals and texts

Each Sefira/ sphere of energy will be introduced and explained. Then, the essence of the energy center will be discussed using textual sources, allegories, life stories, and examples. Each participant will receive the messages and understandings they need to receive based on where they're at in their journey.

2. Discussion

Exchanging perspectives, and points of view, helps us define and refine our understanding. Discussing is crucial to learning; it allows us to gain perspective and not stay stuck within our own world.

We need each other's reflections to see and understand ourselves. A proper two-way discussion is one of the most powerful tools there is. It is an art. This course container will provide the required safe and non-judgmental space to truly listen and share.

3. Guided meditation

Each week's guided meditation will be done online and also sent as a file to listen to at your own time. It is meant to let the listener connect and have their own experience of the energy of the Sefira contemplated that week.

Each meditation is an opportunity to develop a relationship with the Sefira by observing the sensations, emotions, thoughts, visions, hearings, or memories that arise.  


4. The mantra of the week

A mantra is a short text that contains a message. It has multiple layers, and as we slowly integrate the message of the mantra, we unravel layers of understanding that we embody. Working with a mantra allows us to incorporate the teaching at our own pace. When the teaching is understood, the mantra dissolves and becomes a part of us.

Each week a mantra containing the energy of the Sefira of the week will be proposed.

The word mantra may be a Sanskrit word, but Hebrew spiritual literature is abundant in such verses.


5. Exercises

Our life is our ultimate guide and teacher. It gives us all the opportunities to learn and embody the learning we need. The exercises of this course will help us recognize the master teacher our life is.

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready... The teacher will Disappear." Lao Tzu

The exercises will help us get ready, or truly ready 😊


Schedule of the course


The Tree of Life comprises seven energy centers called spheres, or the Sefirot from which the word sphere comes.

Each week we will explore one of them as follows:

Week 1 – Hessed – Loving-Kindness – Living in the Now. 

Week 2 – Gevura – Strength- Judgement – Structuring the Self.

Week 3 – Tiferet – Glory – True communication, meeting the Other. 

Week 4 – Netzah – Victory/ Eternity – Riding life's Flow.

Week 5 – Hod – Splendor – Being Gratitude.

Week 6 – Yesod – Foundation – Creativity - From Tension to Creation 

Week 7 – Malkhout- Kingship – Sovereignty – Manifesting our Reality.



Course details

  • Course start date – Tuesday, January 31st, 2023

  • Registration opens – on January 17th, 2023

  • The group size is limited to 7 people.


  • The investment for the course is $750, and it includes:

  • Weekly online group sessions of presentation, discussion, and guided meditation.

  • Self-paced learning material: mantra and exercises sheet

  • Access to all the recordings

  • One-on-one call before the start of the program to set intentions and define goals

  • One-on-one call during the last week of the course to review outcomes and takes.   

*For registration before January 24th, a one-on-one Human Design chart reading will be given. Human Design is a spiritual system that has some elements of Kabbalah. It helps with decision making, and increasing self-awareness by mapping out energy centers and their connections in our bodies. 

**Other sessions will be opening up, if this time is not working for you let me know and I'll update you with other dates!

If you'd like to learn more, contact me via email at

About the host


Hi, I'm Nat.

I love accompanying people on their journey of discovery, providing a gentle, loving presence with understanding and compassion to help when needed.

A spiritual journey is very personal, but sometimes we can use friends to guide us through the intricacies of the self.

I started studying sacred texts and exploring spirituality at a young age. It's with me all the time, guiding me throughout life. I diversified my experiences and learnings, and it reflects in what I share. I always seek to understand the common denominator of everything rather than the differentiator. I feel at home in the Jewish texts and frequently visit many other traditions and modalities. All of them are teaching me more about myself. 

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