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Customized Holistic Spiritual Coaching

You are a unique individual, and so is our approach. 

We custom design our coaching programs to each individual specific needs. 

We're all on a journey.

How can we help you step back on your path?

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I recently spent more than two years changing my lifestyle completely.

Until 2019 I had spent most of my life working in Robotics, living in big cities like Boston, NYC, and San Francisco to accelerate my career. 

Today, I spend most of my time in small towns like Tulum and Nevada City, surrounded by nature, and mainly working on my spirituality. My lifestyle is healthier and more conscious. I become more in tune with myself and more aligned with my purpose and values. As a result, I'm the happiest I have ever been. 

The journey is not easy. Along the way, we go through the whole spectrum of emotions, from absolute despair to ecstatic joy and everything in between. So is the fate of those who decide to walk their path.

If you are on such a path, I want to tell you to keep going, do not give up. We're here to help each other. Everything will fall in the right place at the right time. 

My goal is to share the tools and experiences that helped me find myself. I could never have done it without all of the beautiful people who walked their path before me and gave me a hand, shared a piece of advice, a book to read, or helped me heal. We're not alone in this. It is now my turn to share everything I can to help others who will do the same. Like Ram Dass says, " We all just walk each other home." 

I can't wait to walk a part of my path with you! 

About ME
What I Propose

Online Session Tailored to Your Specific Needs

You are your journey to healing and your path to discovering yourself. No one else can do that for you. However, sometimes help and guidance are needed. This is what I'm offering.  

Once you embark on your path and healing journey, you realize you can't do it alone. Whether you:

  • Start and need guidance for the first steps. 

  • Already on the path but facing roadblocks.

  • Discovering new challenges that seem insurmountable.

  • Have been emotionally or spiritually shaken by a major event in your life.

  • Or feel like you need support.

With the online sessions, we create a program that works for you. Our talks help identify areas to work on, remove blocks and open new opportunities. 

With love, acceptance, and respect, I provide a safe, non-judgemental space to discuss everything. 

With a tailored holistic approach and the proper support, you can overcome all the challenges that come your way.

Life provides us with opportunities to grow in the form of challenges. 

Your challenges are precisely what you need. Meaning that you have the power to overcome and learn your lessons from all that happens in your life. 

Project Genie- A Nurturing Guide For Project Creation.

Create a Template to help with all your projects.  It's like a personal assistant but in the form of a PDF file! 

After more than a year of wandering, I decided to create a new project; but I was blocked. I was very motivated but incapable of transforming motivation into action. 

I realized I needed to get back into working shape and create a structure adapted to the new person I had become. As a result, I made a guide for myself whose purpose was to guide me step by step to creating a project from start to finish.

This website is the result of me following the process explained in the guide. I am the first success story!

I then shared it with a few friends that also found it helpful. So, now I can share with everyone. The program passed the testing phase successfully! 

The guide's primary goal is to nurture you and your project. To help you create a structure, a framework, and a template that you will use for all your future projects. 

You can download my template for free.

The complete file, "Project Genie" is the detailed guide to help you create your template and framework.

It is a 56 pages PDF document.

You can buy the complete guide here. 




If you have any questions, contact me.

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